Heating up our tools in the forge in blacksmith class on Friday night.


Since I was a kid I was always interested in ancient cultures, and one of my favorite civilization were the Vikings. I am also 1/4 Scandinavian so I grew up with my grandma flying the Norwegian flag in her backyard, and being introduced to different Scandinavian foods, and treats growing up.
I have always been interested in combat, and the various weapons and tools being used. The idea of being a blacksmith and having the ability to make something from hot raw metal is incredible.
Back in January 2018, we decided to join a blacksmithing class at a local community college. This was a great opportunity, but also a huge annoyance. The first night we showed up, the teacher was over 30 min late (which was the first of many). Throughout the 10 week class she never taught us anything about being a blacksmith. She turned the forge on and we kind of just watched everyone else. She did teach me to weld though which will be useful.
In all honesty, we just watched the seasons of Forged in Iron, and it got us up to speed on a lot of basic things, but there’s only so much you can learn from a show. It did help a lot introducing and explaining what a lot of the BS terminology was.
We basically we all in on a forge that a blacksmith in Seattle had built. He showed us how it worked, and gave us a lot of pointers and ideas while we were there. People like him should be teaching these classes. We learned more in 30 min about BS than we have in 8 weeks of going to class.
We got the forge up and running, and it was way more simple than the forge from class. it also burned our gloves, and worked better with the tongs we have right now. i have had a problem finding gloves. I have small hands, and most of the standard leather burn proof gloves wouldn’t fit me. I have had this problem with aprons too. i ended up just looking around online and reading reviews to find some that would fit me.