The Homestead


So far in preparation in the homestead, we have already taken a bee course from our local county club. We will be ordering our bees next week, and finalizing obtaining housing hopefully in the next few weeks.  We only had one hive, but a buddy from blacksmith class hooked us up with 2 Langstroth hives which we will be cleaning soon.

The next step after cleaning the hives will be to paint them, and I will be posting pictures of it as soon as they’re completed.

Plans for the garden are coming along too.  We have decided to use raised beds since the area we are planning to use has a tendency to flood.  The area gets the most sun during the day which is what we are looking for.  We are going to level it out more before we begin building the fencing and laying the beds.  Hopefully this it will help the flooding problem.  The type of plants and seeds for the garden is still being determined, but it should be decided in the next few days.  There will be a veggie garden, an herb garden, and plants that bees love to encourage pollination.

Chickens are also on the agenda.  We plan to build a chicken coop, with a shelter for the bee hives out the back side of it, and the chickens will stay in the front.  The type of chickens has not been determined yet, but they will be chickens bred more for eggs.